Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 148

UGA vs. LSU... heartbreaking loss but it was so amazing being back in Athens AND in the stadium for the game. Love my bulldogs no matter what!


  1. How much did you spend on tickets and where were you sitting?

  2. what an awful end to this game. UGA gets this horrible call by the ref, LSU comes back and wins after being down by one point with about one minute on the clock. LSU stays ranked #4 and UGA is out of the top 25.
    Think of the results if that last one minute had gone the other way.
    LSU knocked out of top ten and UGA probably IN the top ten.
    I may need therapy to get over this!!

  3. We spent $100... I'm sure we could have gotten a better deal but didn't feel like dealing with it so we just got the first ones we found! They were in 600s but we snuck into the student section :) Where were your seats?

  4. Yeah, I paid $100 too but my tickets were actually for 101 or something. We sat in 111 with all my friends :)

    And I agree w/ your friend - think of how it would've gone if that actually DIDN'T give them that extra 15 yards. Ugh.